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Made for Google Apps. Other Digital Resources. Grades PreK. Other Not Grade Specific. Visual Arts. English Language Arts. All 'English Language Arts'. Balanced Literacy. Close Reading.Beloved by millions of pre-schoolers, Elmer the Elephant is showing no signs of a quarter-life crisis as he celebrates his 25th anniversary. To see how the character has changed over the years, author David McKee talked us through five key illustrations from the patchwork pachyderm's pantheon.

We can see that the technique I used there is different. It's not just wash but I actually use crayon a bit over the colours.

That's the one time that he appears huge like that. Trees, if you look at them, you get all these different colours. And there's a tendency to have just blue sky and green trees which is very boring and it's not like life! The story arose first when I was talking to a group of children and it wasn't an Elmer story to start with it was just about a hunter who'd actually saved the elephants.

It turned out we could make it an Elmer book and have Elmer come up with the idea to use stilts to make monster footprints. They say in the story 'How did he get up there? I quite liked the idea of an elephant up a tree.

It's a bit quirky and he's also a ventriloquist so I mean you're really in never-never land with that. They usually do, but the birds they give a bit more animation and detail to the pictures. It's what Elmer is actually imagining.

It was a complex picture to draw up and paint. Time consuming, one might say! I try to make the pattern and colours of the squares the same on each Elmer. I didn't used to be so strict and sometimes I make mistakes but that's unintentional. When I was doing this book I actually thought this might be the last Elmer I'd do. So it was quite a special book for me. It's just the way I felt at the time, I guess I was running into other things.

Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

So this does run over three pages and when I designed it, I did think it would be quite nice to print it and have it as a frieze.Elmer was first published by Dobson Books inand re-issued with re-drawn illustrations in a slightly shortened version by Andersen Press in Thirty-nine book titles have been created sinceand the series has sold more than eight million copies in fifty languages around the world.

Satoshi Kitamura carried out the Japanese translation. Elmer is an elephant with rainbow and white squares arranged as a patchwork. He has a cheerful and optimistic personality, and he loves practical jokes.

The stories are suitable for early exploration of cultural diversity. One day, Elmer decides that he wants to look like all the other elephants, and paints himself grey in order to 'blend in'. Once painted, they - and the other jungle creatures - no longer recognise him. He returns to the herd and the other elephants stand quietly until Elmer can't take the quiet anymore and he lifts his trunk and then, at the top of his voice, shouting "Booo!

The other elephants immediately realise that the grey elephant must be Elmer and applaud him for his best joke ever. When it begins to rain, the grey paint that Elmer has covered himself with starts to disappear, and Elmer's "true colours" are revealed, much to the delight of his friends, who preferred his multicoloured and fun loving personality. Following their happy reunion, the elephants reassure Elmer that they love him because of his differences, and not in spite of them, and they celebrate by painting themselves in multi-coloured paint and Elmer paints himself grayin recognition of Elmer's unique appearance and personality.

Elmer the Patchwork Elephant also features in a wide range of merchandising. His first story is also featured and animated in Anytime Talesa storytelling animated programme narrating five of David McKee and Tony Ross ' stories.

The story of Elmer was originally narrated by British voice actor Johnny Morriswho died on 6 Mayaged Sophie Aldred also read his first story which was also animated by Mike Hibbert in an episode of Words and Pictures fromfeaturing the letter E. The stories are suitable for early exploration of the themes and issues relating to the concept of Diversity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the Disney short film and character, see Elmer Elephant. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Elmer ; originally published in 2. Elmer Again 3. Elmer on Stilts 4. Elmer and Wilbur 5. Elmer's Colours 6.

Elmer's Day 7. Elmer's Friends 8. Elmer's Weather 9. Elmer in the Snow The Elmer Pop-Up Book Elmer and the Wind Elmer Plays Hide and Seek Elmer and the Lost Teddy Elmer and the Stranger Elmer and Grandpa Eldo Elmer and Butterfly Rigondeaux is very patient on the back foot and has exceptional timing but I think Lomachenko will be too busy and too big physically.

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The evolution of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

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Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

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elmer the patchwork elephant

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Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

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