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This is what Instagram geo-tagging is about. In this article, I am going to share with you some ways to use Instagram location tags to drive more engagement to your Instagram. After editing and filtering your Instagram postyou come to the page where you add a caption, tag usernames, and add a location.

Just choose your location and post as usual. In an iOS mobile, you can turn on your location service so that whenever you take a picture, the geotag metadata will be added to the picture automatically. You can do this by these following steps:. Make sure that the location service is turned on for every camera app you use, including Instagram. If you post a photo with location tags on Instagramthe platform should be able to read the metadata and recommend the location to you when you search for it.

It is not always accurate, but you can type in the name of your location and Instagram will search for it. The problem is that sometimes we forget to set the location while posting on Instagram and we end up with a blank location field above our post. You can use a location sticker to add a geotag to your Instagram story. This can be really beneficial for location-based businesses. If your brand is registered as a location on either of these platforms, your business will appear in the search results for geotagging.

Remember, if you create a custom location, it will be only available to yourself. First of all, people who click that geotag location can view all the other posts that people are uploading on that location. This can be profitable in showcasing your services or products but also reaching a new audience.

Travelers or people new to the region can search the geotags to decide if they want to purchase from you. Secondly, these geotagged pictures allow you for collecting user-generated content UGC. All of these posts which are created by your audience, If they have public accountswill be received in the geotag search and you can share them with your followers. This means you notice your existing clients and appreciate them as well, and also it shows your audience another perspective of your company.

First, you should make sure your location services on mobile facebook app is turned on. Most people will have it turned on by default, so just to make sure, go to your settings and check it. Sign into your Facebook app and begin creating a check-in status update. So just tap on the location button and then choose a selection from your nearby locations. After that, you must Choose a Category and a Location.

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I hope you liked this article. You can use the location tags in your Instagram posts or stories to show up on location search results and find more potential customers.

locations for instagram posts ideas

January 10, How to add a Geotag to your Instagram post? How to add location tags to your Instagram photos after it has been posted? You can do this by these following steps: Go to your iPhone settings Tap on the privacy tab. Go to your location services and turn it on.Popular ephemeral posts from Instagram's community of creators are now more accessible than ever before with the debut of a new stories search tool — and already there are tons of exciting Instagram location and hashtag stories to check out!

Snapchat recently introduced a search feature to tap into the hive-mind of their Our Stories network, and now, just a few months later, Insta is hot on the trend. The new feature allows 'grammers to search posts on Explore using a location or hashtag and view a compiled Story made up of publicly shared posts with the relevant tag or sticker, and it will also suggest stories happening around your area.

These stories come from people who have used location stickers on their stories," Instagram announced today in a blog post. Location stories on Explore are available for iOS and Android as of Tuesday, May 23, so be sure to update to version Hashtag stories are experiencing a slightly longer roll out and will be available over the next few weeks — so make sure to keep checking back!

8 Great Instagram Poll Ideas to Increase Stories’ Engagement

This, my friends, is just the tip of the photo and video-sharing iceberg. To get started exploring stories from all over the world, here are a few hashtags and locations that are worth a search:.

This popular hashtag allows you to see through the eyes of joggers around the world.

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If you love to lace up those sneakers and get some fresh air while pounding the pavement, check out this Story hashtag for daily updates from members of this likeminded community — including quite a few impressive runs and some useful encouragement. Do you like pretty pictures of food being served on international tables?

What about a few recipe ideas for dinner? Well, these daily drool-worthy stories are sure to make you hungry for more. This popular hashtag captures the everyday eating experience, and is thankfully still safe for work. Its stories are sometimes funny, sometimes gross, sometimes tasty, and certainly never boring. Wish you could get out of town and travel the world this summer?

Now you can explore what's going on in your dream destination each day with the stories search. The Paris, France tag has a lot of people sipping wine and looking stylish, while San Juan, Puerto Rico stories tend to include tasty food and beautiful beaches, but the search possibilities are as big as the globe.

Warning: may inspire severe wanderlust. By Lily Feinn. To get started exploring stories from all over the world, here are a few hashtags and locations that are worth a search: 1. A daily dose of puppies and kitties delivered directly to your mobile device?While you may know full well how to post pictures on Instagram, how do you know what to post on Instagram?

Is your IG profile everything it can be? And what about social media marketers? The folks behind the brands? You guys need inspiration too! Our massive list of Instagram post ideas is sure to delight.

Start with Landscapes. Of all the different types of photos on Instagram, Landscapes get the most engagement. Bonus points for water, nature, landmarks, exotic locales, and bridges.

Or maybe you want to show off different scenes with similar aesthetics to mix up your Instagram feed. A collage is a great way to do that—and luckily, with editing apps like Instasize out there, collages now come in all shapes, forms, and dimensions, not just a default white-bordered grid. Download it for free on both the App Store and Google Play. Check out a detailed tutorial of how we made this edit in our stories!

InstasizeCreatives InstasizeInspires. A post shared by Instasize instasize. Nom nom nom. The brands below are masters of this class of Instagram photo. As are so-called food-selfies where the hand of the photographer extends forward to imply imminent inhalation.

If you are fortunate enough to own or have access to one, by all means, take full advantage and let the world know by posting a photo to your Instagram account. Time is of the essence! In about 6 months that little rascal will have turned into a full-sized terror, who knocks stuff over and ruins your furniture. Sex sells. They are a company that buys and sells high-end American cars, and their Insta is a perfect example of how great content can drive sales.

Pun intended. Take a look at stadiumgoodsa sneaker shop in NYC, to see how a great brand uses IGto promote their products.That can be hard—especially when you consider more than 95 million photos and videos are posted each day to the app.

locations for instagram posts ideas

Use this list whenever you need a burst of inspiration for your Instagram feed. Bonus: Download a free checklist that reveals the exact steps a lifestyle photographer used to grow from 0 tofollowers on Instagram with no budget and no expensive gear. Below is our list of 15 creative Instagram post ideas. Remember: You need to post intentionally.

New: Tag Instagram Locations & Users in Scheduled Posts!

However, if the post idea fits your brand and you think you can really knock it out of the park, go for it! Asking questions creates opportunities to get your followers sharing their thoughts and ideas on practically any topic.

These user insights can help you come up with even better content in the future. A post shared by Chris — Weightloss Coach thechriscoulson. Great digital marketing provides viewers and readers with valuable, engaging content.

Instagram posts give brands an opportunity to provide quick tips on almost any topic. For example, in the post above, fitness coach thechriscoulson shows his followers how to do a perfect lat pulldown.

You also see this concept in practically any food Instagram account, like foodminimalist. She provides her followers with delicious recipes accompanied by a great photo of the dish with each post. A post shared by Lucia L. A post shared by Brothers Artisanal Jerky brothersartisanal.

Want a great way to humanize your brand? Just show your followers what goes on in your office. By letting your followers in on what goes on behind the scenes, you help them emotionally invest themselves in your company. It could be anything from an employee working at their desk, an office dog lounging on its bed, or even a Bollywood-style dance number starring the entire office.

A post shared by We Are Swiggy weareswiggy. Take a look around your office. An AMA is a great opportunity to directly engage with your followers. It can also be a way to share thought leadership on any topic related to your brand and build engagement. A post shared by Ramit Sethi ramit. Sharing thought leadership is a great way to establish your brand as a leading source of great ideas and trends.

Thought leadership often comes in the form of great tips, hot takes, or lessons on a topic. Once you share it, your followers look at your brand as a reliable and relevant source of information. For example, personal finance and development expert ramit often takes to Instagram to share a lesson or piece of insight with his followers.

How to Make Your Own (custom) LOCATION TAG on Instagram

In doing so, his followers know to trust him as a source for personal finance knowledge. You can still share great insights from thought leaders to your readers by doing our next tip ….Flatlay Photography Tips and Ideas For Beginners - 5 tips to help you take better flatlay photos for your blog, business, or Instagram for beginners. Pink flatlay inspiration! Brand your blog or business from the start.

Click through to learn how to brand your blog or business with my step by step DIY branding guide! Are you looking for Instagram branding ideas? Create an aesthetic and professional look for your Instagram story highlights with the 'Colorful Days' Instagram highlight covers.

Dress up your IG profile with designed cover photos that will match the branding of your business or blog, and make your Instagram account stand out with professional, eye-catching, and unique style.

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The Instagram highlight covers are perfect for small businesses, bloggers, and Influencers. InstagramTips Marketing.

locations for instagram posts ideas

Looking for bright and vintage Lightroom presets? This preset pack includes my free tutorial, "How to install Lightroom presets. Click to shop! LightroomPresets Photographytips. Looking for bright and vibrant Lightroom presets? Create an aesthetic and professional look for your pictures with the 'Black. Looking for moody and vintage Lightroom presets? Create an aesthetic and professional look for your Instagram story highlights with the 'Clean Flatlays' Instagram highlight covers.

If you have always wanted to start a blog for fun or start a blog to grow your business and impact - this is for you!

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This free step by step course is packed with blog tips and girl boss tips! Learn how to choose a niche for your blog, name your blog, how to make money blogging, and get blog photography tips. This course will give you the motivation to start your blog. Click through to sign up for free! StartaBlog BlogTips….

Create an aesthetic and professional look for your Instagram story highlights with the 'Black. Are you pursing to be a content creator for other brands? This workshop is for you. In this free workshop, I will present to you my formula for creating the perfect image!

This workshop is packed with visual content creation and photography tips that will help you create a strong brand identity and the best….

Everybody Else. Photography Business Creative Photography. Branding Tools.Or so you can get people to tag your new restaurant, office, apartment, event — you get the picture whatever! A post shared by Danielle Hertel danielle. How to create your very own funny, practical, or nonsensical custom location on Instagram. But first, some backstory. Skip ahead to go right to the step-by-step-instructions. In the age of social media, our society has a growing curiosity concerning the whereabouts of our friends, our families, even our exes, estranged aunts and childhood bullies….

What are they up to? Where are they eating? Did you know you can create your own custom location for your business? And that your location can be tagged, shared and followed by users who are interested in your content? Locations can be a great way to have fun with your Instagram feed or give your followers some additional insight.

How I take Instagram photos in Everyday places! -- Ugly Location photo shoot challenge --

However, if you are a business owner, creating a custom location is almost essential in gaining more exposure. Here are the exact instructions for creating your own special location on Instagram:. Yes, you heard correctly. This means you often need one to access certain functions on the other. Creating a location is a prime example. You will be setting it up on Facebook so that you can use your new location on Instagram. Click on this, and you should see a list of popular locations near you.

If you are not seeing any locations, make sure to…. You need to have your location services turned on in order to create a custom location. Once your GPS permissions are turned on, go ahead and type in the name of your custom location in most cases you will want this to be the name of your business. Make sure to use capital letters and proper grammar — this is what people will see when they tag your business! As you can see, there are no other businesses or locations with that name. After choosing a category, the next step is to determine your exact location.

This process works best if you are physically at the location of your business. After creating your location, find it on Facebook by typing it into the search bar at the top of the Facebook homepage.

Creating a custom location is a super-simple process with a lot of payoffs. Now when you want to post a photo on Instagram, your new location should now be available to tag and share. Test Out Another Category: Facebook really wants you to be specific with the category your business falls under.

Play around with a few different categories and see if that does the trick. Be in the Exact Location — or really, really close. So why should you bother creating a custom location in the first place? Does it really affect your business that much?

The short answer is Yes. Above all else, a custom location creates exposure for your business, literally putting it on the map for social media users. For starters, potential clients and customers will have an easier time stumbling across your business. Locations work in a similar way to hashtags.

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When a user searches a particular word or phrase, any hashtags containing that word or phrase populate.Today we are excited to bring two highly-requested features to Later: you can now tag locations and users in your scheduled Instagram posts! This new feature closes the loop on Instagram scheduling, giving you the ability to plan every element for your post ahead of time, without having to edit your post in Instagram later.

Our new tagging feature is available for Instagram auto publishing, which means that you can now add a location, tag users in your photo, and your scheduled post will automatically be posted to Instagram at the time you choose. No notifications required! Upgrade now to get access to this feature and save time scheduling.

Note: due to Instagram API restrictions, Instagram auto publishing and tagging is only available for single photo posts, not carousel or video posts. Tagging locations on Instagram can help get your post seen by more people, make it more discoverable in search, and provide valuable or helpful information to your followers!

To tag a location in Latercreate a new post or open a scheduled post from your calendar. Tagging relevant businesses or users in your posts can help your post get more engagement, increase the potential of it being shared by a larger account, and it teaches the Instagram algorithm who and what is important to you.

To tag an Instagram user in Later, create a new post or open a scheduled post from your calendar. If you tag a private user or misspell an Instagram username, your tags will fail when your post is published, so make sure to double check your tags before saving! Ready to optimize your Instagram posts? Upgrade to a Later paid plan to start tagging today!

Matt has founded a few startups and is also one of the founders at Later where he leads the marketing, growth and customer experience. You can follow mattfromlater on Instagram or Twitter. TikTok Scheduling is now available in Early Access Exciting news! Instagram Creator Profiles can now access a ton of additional Later features. Matt Smith mattfromlater. Written By Matt Smith Matt has founded a few startups and is also one of the founders at Later where he leads the marketing, growth and customer experience.

Instagram Analytics Get the insights you know and love from the Instagram app, plus additional analytics for calculating engagement rates, best times to post, and more.

Learn More. Schedule Instagram Stories Save time and get more views on stories by planning, optimizing, and scheduling Instagram stories right from your desktop! Start Scheduling Stories. Instagram Hashtag Tools Extend your reach, get more engagement on your posts, and save a ton of time while managing your profile. Get Started For Free. You may also like. Read More. Product Updates.