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A map of Moscow will be useful during your trip. We have found several plans and maps that can help you prepare the trip or to use on site. Please note that you can download these maps to your phone to view them in Russia, even without an internet connection. You can also print them. This map is published by the Moscow City Tourism Committee. It only shows the city centre but already allows you to quickly visualize where the main sites are located. In the heart of the city, you will recognize the Moscow Kremlin.

At the top right, you will see Leningrad, Yaroslav and Kazan stations. The first is to reach St Petersburg by train, the others are departures from the Trans-Siberian Railway. You can download this tourist plan from the official website.

This plan comes from an unidentified source on the Internet. It is repeated many times without mentioning the source. On this subject, we have a dedicated article Top 15 places to visit in Moscow. The imposing building complex at the bottom right is the University.

This plan comes from the official website of the Moscow metro in November You can consult the interactive map here in Russian. You can also download the Moscow metro map from the official website. Moscow City Hall publishes a map of the metro that is better suited for printing. We advise you to print it in colour because it is much easier to find your way around the metro with the colours.

This map comes from an unidentified source. It allows you to locate metro stations in relation to the surrounding streets. Yandex Maps also offers this view. This could be useful for your trip! I hope that these maps of Moscow will be useful for your trip. Also remember to consult our article Moving around Moscow: metro, bus, tram. Map of Moscow with Monuments This plan comes from an unidentified source on the Internet.

Map of Moscow with metro This map comes from an unidentified source. Author Anna Orlova-Watson. Visa for Moscow for UK citizens.

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July 21, The most beautiful Cathedral of Russia April 15, Travelling from Moscow to St. Petersburg by Train February 17, Comments are closed.If you do not speak or understand Russian, the Moscow Metro can seem complicated to use. However, when you begin using it you will quickly realize that in reality it is very simple. Moreover, the Moscow Metro is also an important tourist attraction due to the beauty of some of the stations.

I will explain to you what stations are worth a visit. Updated on February 20, Published on December 15, It is one of the biggest and densest in the world. It connects the city center with the industrial and residential areas and allows you to travel quickly and easily if you are visiting Moscow.

On the official website of the Moscow Metro, you can find some interesting facts:. Before beginning to use the Moscow Metro, there is some useful information that you can consult via the Internet:. Mobile applications : Yandex Metro is a free app that is extremely useful and is not necessary to use with an Internet connection in order to look at maps and calculate routes. Types of tickets : you can buy single tickets 57 rubles or the Troika card 40 rubles per trip.

These transit tickets are also used for transport by bus, trolleybus and tram. I am going to explain in the simplest way possible explain how to travel via the Moscow Metro.

If you are accustomed to travelling via the Metro in other cities, many of the issues that I go over here will seem obvious to you, others perhaps not as obvious. You can access the stations at street level or by going down the stairs, at the bottom of which you will see:. Once you go in you will see that there is a large Metro map in the hall of each station, along with automatic machines that dispense tickets and a ticket booth.

From the ticket sales area, you will see turnstyles where you can enter the Metro that come with a card reader in some stations they are older and in others they are more modern. You should go through the turnstyle and put your card on the cardreader. You will see the light change from red to green indicating that you can go through. The screen of the reader will show you how many trips you have left or the outstanding balance.

In no case can sharing the card be done with the minute ticket or with the ticket that allows unlimited travel for a number of days.

moscow metro map 2019

Once you have gone through the turnstyle, you will see an escalator that will take you down deeper underground stand to the right on the escalator in order to allow people in a hurry to pass.

When you arrive down below, there will be signs indicating the lines and the direction they are travelling in. At this time it is important to have a Metro map that is in Russian and English since signs in the Metro are usually in Cyrillic. However, since the World Cup inmost stations are already marked in English.

Trains pass practically every minutes, so if you hear a train arriving it is not necessary to run because another train will pass by shortly.Its regular metro schedule runs from am to am and operates at a high frequency.

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Single tickets can be used although using a Troika card is most recommended. Moscow runs with a large network of Metro lines that provide service to most of the city in conjunction with other transportation options including buses, trains, and trams allowing travel to any part of the city.

They feature murals, mosaics, candelabras and other artistic motifs that show the evolution of Russian ideas throughout time. Each station is named after a letter in the Russian alphabet, but inside of each station and on the metro you will find maps with names in both the Russian alphabet and the Latin alphabet. The metro is more than just a transportation system.

During the cold war, some stations were constructed with the intention of serving as a shelter in case of nuclear war. During this period, the grandiose style of the past was in part rejected in favor of more simple stations. The art in these stations reflects the era in which they were created.

The stations that were constructed during the Second World War portrayed military motifs and the stations that came after the Cold War demonstrated a more reserved esthetic. The present day Moscow metro is not only counted among some of the most beautiful, but it is also one of the most used systems in the world.

Each of these lines has a name, a code numbers or numbers and letters and a color. Despite being a complex and extensive system, these three things together make it easier to identify each line and to transfer from one line to another.

Moscow Metro

This line runs roughly diagonal through Moscow from north to south. Mayakovskaya is one of its most beautiful and more popular tourist stations.

moscow metro map 2019

This was the second line to operate and it is the longest metro line in all of Moscow. Although most lines pass through Moscow from one end to another, this line leaves from the center of Moscow and connects with the Dorogomilovo and Fili districts to the west.

Its 12 stations run around the city from downtown. It is the most famous line since several stations still contain the famous Stalinist architecture. This 23 line station passes through Moscow from the northeast to the southeast and is the most used metro line.

This line is composed of two separated tracts that pass through the city from east to west. It is expected that both lines will be connected by It passes from one end to another from Altufyevo to Bulvar Dmitriya Donskogo. Only 2. It connects the gray line to the green line. This line can be considered as an extension of line 6.

It extends to Buninskaya Alleya. It is not an underground line, but an elevated one. In spite of being a monorail and not a metro, it is part of the metro system and the connection between the metro and monorail is free within 90 minutes. This is the second circular route and its 31 stations surround all of what is considered historic Moscow.

The monorail Line 13 operates from am to pm and line 14 Central Circle operates from am to am.

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The metros on most lines run every 2 or 3 minutes most of the day and every 90 seconds during peak time. The metro runs from 6 to 10 minutes at night. Once your ticket has been validated, you can change between lines without a time limit and without paying extra.Account Options Sign in. Top charts.

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New releases. Add to Wishlist. Moscow Metro Map - a simple free and offline map of Moscow Metro, very useful for tourists and visitors. The Moscow Metro is a state-owned enterprise.

Its total length is The average daily passenger traffic is 6. Ridership is highest on weekdays when the Metro carries over 7 million passengers per day and lower on weekends.


Each line is identified according to an alphanumeric index usually consisting of a numbera name and a colour. Voice announcements refer to the lines by name. A male voice announces the next station when traveling towards the centre of the city, and a female voice when going away from it. On the circle line the clockwise direction has a male announcer for the stations, while the counter-clockwise direction has a female announcer.

The lines are also assigned specific colours for maps and signs. Naming by colour is frequent in colloquial usage, except for the very similar shades of green assigned to the Kakhovskaya Line route 11the Zamoskvoretskaya Line route 2the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya Line route 10 and the Butovskaya Line route L1. The system operates in an enhanced spoke-hub distribution paradigm, with the majority of rail lines running radially from the centre of Moscow to the outlying areas.

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The Koltsevaya Line route 5 forms a kilometre 12 mi long ring which enables passenger travel between these spokes. Signs showing the stations that can be reached in a given direction are in each station. Most of the stations and lines are underground, but some lines have at-grade and elevated sections. The Filyovskaya Line is notable for being the only line with most of its route at grade. The Moscow Metro is open from about am and until am. The precise opening time varies at different stations according to the arrival of the first train, but all stations simultaneously close their entrances at for maintenance.

The minimum interval between trains is 90 seconds during the morning and evening rush hours. Reviews Review policy and info.

Moscow Metro and Tourist Map for 2019

View details. Flag as inappropriate. Privacy Policy.Opened in with one kilometre 6. It is the busiest metro system in Europe, and is considered a tourist attraction in itself. The average distance between stations is 1. Long distances between stations have the positive effect of a high cruising speed of The Moscow Metro opens at and closes at The minimum interval between trains is 90 seconds during the morning and evening rush hours. As of the system had an average daily ridership of 6.

Peak daily ridership of 9. Free wi-fi has been available on all lines of the Moscow Metro since 1 December The network was launched by MaximaTelecom. Of the metro's stations, 88 are deep underground, are shallow, 12 are surface-level and 5 are elevated. The deep stations comprise 55 triple-vaulted pylon stations, 19 triple-vaulted column stations, and one single-vault station.

The shallow stations comprise 79 spanned column stations a large portion of them following the "centipede" design33 single-vaulted stations Kharkov technologyand three single-spanned stations. In addition, there are 12 ground-level stations, four elevated stations, and one station Vorobyovy Gory on a bridge. Two stations have three tracks, and one has double halls. Seven of the stations have side platforms only one of which is subterranean. In addition, there were two temporary stations within rail yards.

One station is reserved for future service Delovoy Tsentr for the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line. The stations being constructed under Stalin's regimein the style of socialist classicismwere meant as underground "palaces of the people". Stations such as KomsomolskayaKiyevskaya or Mayakovskaya and others built after in the second phase of the evolution of the network are tourist landmarks, their photogenic architecture, large chandeliers and detailed decoration unusual for an urban transport system.

Ploshchad Revolyutsii. Prospekt Mira. Each line is identified by a name, an alphanumeric index usually consisting of just a number and a colour.

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The upcoming station is announced by a male voice on inbound trains to the city center on the Circle linethe clockwise trains and by a female voice on outbound trains counter-clockwise trains on the Circle line. The metro has a connection to the Moscow Monoraila 4. Prior to the official opening, the monorail had operated in "excursion mode" since A reopening is planned as part of the Bolshaya Koltsevaya line.

The only exceptions are on the Filyovskaya Line : VystavochnayaMezhdunarodnayaStudencheskayaKutuzovskayaFiliBagrationovskayaFilyovsky Park and Pionerskayawhich only allows six-car trains note that this list includes all ground-level stations on the line, except Kuntsevskayawhich allows normal length trains. Trains on the Zamoskvoretskaya, Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya, Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya, Kalininskaya, Solntsevskaya, Bolshaya Koltsevaya, Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya, Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya and Nekrasovskaya lines have eight cars, on the Sokolnicheskaya line seven or eight cars and on the Filyovskaya line six cars.No more gooey loaves - no more dried out loaves.

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moscow metro map 2019

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moscow metro map 2019

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