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Read more. Bedroom in North: This direction is ideal for young couples and also for storing valuable stuff, important papers and jewelry items etc. Bedroom in North East: This space is considered to be sacred space of the house any bedroom in this direction should be avoided. Bedroom in East: The direction is best for unmarried children.

vastu shastra for bedroom

Bedroom in South East: The direction is quadrant of fire and brings hot temperature to the occupants, it also leads to quarrels between children and couples and also put the person into debt, thus the direction must be avoided for construction of the room. Bedroom in South or South West: The direction is perfect for master bedroom and should be held by the head of the family.

The room must be larger than the rest of the rooms.

5. Bed Room Position- Vastu Tips (Hindi)

In case of multi-storied building the room should be on the top floor. Bedroom in West: The direction is best for students. But it increases the chances of having a girl child as well.

Bedroom in North West: The direction best suited for newly married couples. Email Us At: support kunalvastu. Like Us on Facebook. Contacts Dr.Those measures are:. Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Home Vastu Vastu For Bedroom. Vastu shastra for bedroom places the bedrooms of Male family members in West or Northwest directions of a house, since they hold commanding and authoritative forces.

As per bedroom vastu for south facing house or vastu tips for southeast bedroom It is ideal to have the bedroom and windows of female family members facing south or southeast direction as it ensures good health and happiness. The master bedroom vastu is advised to be in southeast direction. Considering vastu tips for bedroom for married couple, ideally place their bedroom in the southwest direction.

Also, if the house is multi-storied, the master bedroom should be on the second level. Do the needful remedies using master bedroom vastu for east facing house. Vastu Tips for Bedroom The following bed habits, vastu room size, norms and decors should be observed: Use bed direction vastu in a way that While sleeping, the head of a guest should not be facing the north direction.

To yield successful outcomes, room vastu suggested that if one studies in the room, she should face eastwards. The directions; Designing bedroom according to vastu so that Northwest and South serve as ideal orientations for setting up wardrobes, while television sets and heaters should be in the southeast corner.

Vastu shastra tips for bedroom advised that one should avoid placing safes in a bedroom. However, if in necessary conditions, they can be placed on the wall facing south or in the south direction. According to the vastu shastra for room, the southwest corner of a room should always have some decoration and not be empty at any time. Bedroom as per vastu is recommended that Bedrooms should not have any calendars, photos, idols or statues.

One should avoid keeping rooms in total darkness. Instead a side-bulb or a night lamp should always be lit, advised vastu tips for master bedroom. Suggested vastu colours for the walls of bedrooms are light rose, dark blue or dark green. One should avoid colours like light yellow or white. The beds should be in south, west or southwest directions of the room.

Vastu sleeping direction for kids suggest that their heads should face east, while their feet should face west, as energies related to intelligence and memory are said to flow in those directions.

Vastu Tips For Bedroom To Boost Positive Energy

About Vastu About vastu shastra. Deep knowledge on vastu basics.

vastu shastra for bedroom

Life Meter Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state.Vastu for bedroom holds a lot of significance when it comes to designing your house. For people going through daily life challenges, the bedroom is the only place which helps them completely relax and unwind only to get up fresh and energetic the next day. Moreover, a bedroom as per Vastu is also important to bring in a lot of healing energies in your life. Therefore, Vastu for bedroom is very important to ensure that the energies in your bedroom are positive and they help you relax both mentally and physically.

Vastu Shastra for bedroom lays down certain important guidelines which when followed correctly can supercharge the energies in your bedroom. As per Vastu, different directions rule different aspects of our lives. Therefore, the direction of the bedroom as per Vastu should be decided as per the purpose and the person who would be staying in that bedroom.

While designing the Vastu for flats or bungalows, you may use the following reference points to decide the best placements:. A bedroom in the North is generally good for everyone. It is also good for people looking to expand their business but are unable to find suitable prospects and opportunities for growth.

A bedroom in the East is ideal for young school going students. While preparing an East facing house Vastu planwe try to allocate the East bedroom to young students. East is the direction ruled by lord Surya or Sun.

A bedroom in the South East is apt or young and unmarried boys who have recently started a job or business. The energies of this direction give them the motivation and strength to keep moving passionately and with confidence in their profession. A bedroom in the South is excellent for people leading a chaotic and hectic life and are looking for a peaceful sleep. South being the direction of relaxation will help them recharge their minds and body completely.

Thus, Vastu for bedroom recommends making the master bedroom in South. A bedroom in the South West is apt for the head of the family. Such a bedroom helps the head stay in command and manage his household duties in the most efficient manner.

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A bedroom in the West is best for businessmen as well as students participating in competitive exams. A bedroom in the North West is best for people looking to change their location or those who wish to settle abroad.

It is also excellent for unmarried girls who are looking to get married. As per Vastu Shastra for bedroomsit is best to design the bedrooms of people depending on their profession. This will help them to excel rapidly in their business or job. For bankers, finance professionals, accountants and Chartered accountants CAa bedroom in the North will be most suitable.

North being the direction of lord Kuber- the ruler of money and wealth, will help such professionals to excel in their respective fields and acquire more clients.

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No wonder most people also prefer to buy a North facing house as per Vastu. For politicians and people in the entertainment industry, a bedroom in the East will be most suitable. Such a bedroom as per Vastu will help these people expand their social circle and connect with relevant and powerful people. Indra is considered to be a master administrator. For surgeons, clothing dealers or textile manufacturers, beauticians, jewelers etc.

Vastu For Bedroom

South East being the direction of planet Venus will help such professionals immensely. For people in the armed forces like the police, army, navy, air-force, para-military forces etc. South being ruled by planet Mars gives these professional immense strength, confidence and courage to do overcome all types of challenges in their professions.Vastu Shastra for Bedroom has been given a very high priority and significance.

Sometimes, even small changes according to Vastu for bedroom can turn your fortunes around. We should go for a more practical solution which can match with our favorable directions. We can find our favorable directions here. Alternatively we can place our Bed in the South of our bedroom. However, avoid placing bed on the Northern wall at any cost. As people end up keeping their head towards the wall on which bed is placed.

And North is the direction we should avoid at any cost. As per Vastu for Bedrooms Shades of Warm colors should be used to keep the fire ignited in the relationship and cold colors should be avoided even if they are your favorite eg: Blue or Black.

We should not use 2 single mattresses on a Double Bed, instead we should use one single mattress for double bed to keep the bonding strong. Watches, Music System, TV etc.

Vastu Master Bedroom | Vastu For Sleeping Positions

Bedroom should smell freshwe can do it by keeping aroma candles, diffusers etc. Toilet In Bedroom. If you are in a joint family and have no other option but to keep your TV inside your bedroom then do follow these steps:.

vastu shastra for bedroom

NOTE : If there is no other option but to watch TV at night, use a Bluetooth headphone or long wired headphone to avoid disturbing the sleep of your partner. Usually couples follow these things for 2 years of their marriage and after that they start getting slightly rigid. Avoid Aquarium or other water feature in the bedroom.

Wall clock should be placed on either Northern wall or Eastern wall. We should not keep broken or non working clocks. If we have to place it in corner then it can be placed in either South East or North West corner.

So they act as good Everybody may not be born lucky; however, it is essential to have luck favouring you. Because if it is not on your side, no matter So, it is the arrangement of fingers that shows the energy we get via the Sun. We all know that Hand Mudras Kubera Mudra — How To Do Steps And Benefits Kuber Mudra - A wealth attracting and wish-fulfillment mudra is one of the most coveted mudras practiced all over the world by people of all the age for achieving their desired goals and acquiring wealth.

However, before Pran Mudra For Better Immunity Prana Mudra - the 'spirit of life', is a way to channelize the Prana Vayu, which helps in recuperation from injury or illness, to increase energy reserves by energizing the root chakra and give efficacy to other mudras. It is one of What is a Mudra?Northeast corner Bedroom may not be used by the elder of the house.

Honestly speaking, generally, the Northeast cornered bedroom is not good, so don't plan the Northeast bedroom in the home, and it may not be used as a master bedroom, maximum try to avoid placing the bedrooms at East direction or north directions.

Only in some cases these Northeast master bedrooms are giving unexpected good results when there is heavy open space at either east or North directions including NE too. Based on this information, please read the remaining below points. Please note that this rule may not apply all the times or for all the homes. Some times if there is heavy open space towards Northeast and good focus is arrives from Northeast then the owner may have his bedroom at Northeast, anyway better to show that house and room to one best vastu master and then only decides to occupy.

Find only perfect vastu master for all of your needs. Any room which you are using should be snuggery then it will be more energetic to have cozy results.

People sleeping in Southeast Agneya towards East side bedrooms suffer from sleeplessness, anxiety and short temper.

The owner sleeping in Northwest Vayavya bedrooms suffers instability, financial losses, unnecessary headaches from his working areas i. These directions are favorable to him to improve his financial status day by day, all of their works go smooth, his words have some attraction, he has the capability in maintaining his family members or his staff when they never heard his voice. His financial position grows as per his expectation.

Vaasthu for bedroom Vastu Shastra is most important for us, as because we spare max time in a day at this bedroom.

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While at house construction it's better to contact one experienced vasthu consultant then everything will go smooth. Please remind one thing Vaastu consultants can cheat the residents, but vastu shastra cannot. Apart from that there is a place at center or Brahmasthan we should not construct the bedroom at Brahmasthan.

The bedroom is different and the master bedroom is different, generally, the owner of the property or the head of the house may occupy the master bedroom. Other members of the home may be occupied remaining bedrooms. Here first we will learn where is the best place for a bedroom in a house.

After get up from the bed some residents open their eyes and looking their hands first and chanting the mantra.The right vibe for your bedroom is essential to set a good tone for your life, since it is the room you wake up and go to sleep in. Getting the right vastu colours for bedroom is also a quick and easy way to usher in good vibes and positive energy in a space.

Read this brief guide on bedroom wall colours and their impact on your psyche, to decide the best color for you! We have specifically curated this list to ensure that all the bedroom colours are vastu-approved. Light or pastel shades of blue in a large bedroom can create a cozy and serene vibe. However, when used in a smaller room, the colour can make the space feel tiny and claustrophobic. In such cases you can mimic the airy vibe of Grecian homes that use an all-white palette with blue-painted doors, windows and furniture.

According to vastu for bedroom, green represents nature, growth, healing and abundance. Those with low immunity, or the elderly should take advantage of the healing properties of this shade. You can bring in elements of green through a plethora of indoor plants. They purify the air in the room and add life to your space. As per vastu for bedroom, yellow channels happiness, positivity, optimism and intelligence. Use this vibrant shade in small-sized bedrooms to make the space feel expansive and welcoming.

An accent wall with trailing floral wallpaper in this shade also goes a long way in adding a mellow glow to your space. Pink is the universal color of love. It also stands for joy, intimacy and creativity as per vastu for bedroom. Rose-gold metallic pieces such as knobs, vases, or side tables are great ways to add hints of pink to your room. Ruled by the element of earth, a south-west room has the best vastu for bedrooms.

Shades of brown and beige are perfect colours here. But if you want a chic and cosy bedroom, opt for brown walls with off-white bedding and decor. Purple, the mixture of soothing blue and boisterous red, represents wealth, mercy, self-respect and poise, making it perfect for those with anxiety. Add strip lights under the bed or behind the headboard to create a dreamy effect to your bedroom.A bedroom is the most happening room in the entire house. It is a place where you can relax, sleep for hours, rest the body, watch television and enjoy some personal time.

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With increasing fashion and design in the world, people love to design their house according to their choice. Many people who cannot design their houses often love to design and arrange their bedroom according to their taste and preference. In olden days, the houses used to be big and open with verandahs and halls. But, with evolution, people prefer constructing small and clean houses which look appealing with small rooms and nice placements.

But, no matter, if the house is big or small, open or congested, there is always a master bedroom for the owners to sleep in. Constructing the master bedroom according to the rules of Vastu Shastra brings health, happiness and wealth in the house.

With the increasing popularity of Vastu Shastra, people have started following certain rules for the bedroom which makes the room a blissful place to stay in. There are so many benefits of the construction of the master bedroom according to the principles of Vastu Shastra, which are:. Here are some of the rules in Vastu Shastra for the Master Bedroom, follow the below given tips and make your home a place where love is:.

In case, the house is multi-story, the best direction is to the south-west on the top floor, and it must be bigger than any other room in the house.

Bedroom Vastu – How To Make It Vastu Compliant

According to Vastu, the perfect place to keep the bed is south or west wall of the room so that the head lies in the south or west direction and the legs are in north or east direction. South direction is known to be the side of Lord of death and sleeping in that side increases mental tension, anxiety problems, mental diseases and early death. Many people find it easy to place the bed in the corners as it is near to charger points but according to Vastu, corners are considered unsuitable. Even, the master bedroom should only be used by married couples as it strengthen the relationships and bring harmony in the family.

The best place for these rooms is the west or north side of the room. Also, the bathroom should not directly face the bed, and the door of the bathroom must be closed all the time. Avoid south direction, and there must be a single door for the entrance which must be smooth enough that does not make any noise while opening or closing. Try to put a mirror in the dressing room, in case; there is no dressing room then you can place the mirror along with a dressing table. If there is no dressing table, Make sure the mirror does not reflect any part of the body while sleeping otherwise the same part will catch some disease.

Make sure there is no painting or statue in the room that reflects violence or war. Also, the north-east direction is for deities, having a bedroom in that direction causes mishaps, diseases and long-term problems in the family. Avoid marble stones especially yellow and white coloured for the newlywed couple.

You can also install bagua in the bedroom to keep the negativity away from the bed.