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Found the perfect trade route? Made a guide to the galaxy? Post it here! Viper Mk. I thought, based on the description that the mk. IV could chew up Sideys, Eagles, and Cobras. I mean, "heavy fighter" is in the in-game description. I have heard it's good for preying on the bigger, heavier ships like T7s, T9s, and Condas, but is that all it can do?

I'll admit, I last used this thing before horizons was more than a rumor, much less CQC and SRV, so maybe the stats have been tweaked to let it compete with the more maneuverable ships. Should I treat this thing like a mini-Python instead of a beefed up Eagle or Sidey?

I'm alternating between T6 for trading and an Eagle for bounty hunting, but the Eagle just can't take a punch from anything.

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No offense to anyone who swears by the Viper mk. IV, but I just can't see the point. Re: Viper Mk. I've flown it for a while on two occasions Last time I really tried to get on with it and give it a bit of love But nah It's a piece of shite Hold on Wait a bit TOR will you stop fecking firing Tor I know a therapist that can help you My Cmdr also has small feet.

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Lets do a small comparison. Viper mk3 has optional internals: 3, 3, 2, 1 Viper mk4 has optional internals: 4, 4, 3, 2, 2, 1. So already mkiv can carry either more cargo, more shields, more SCB, more armor already How about this.

Powerplant FSD and thrusters on mkiv are class 4. While on mkiii are only class 3. So yes, heavier ship, more armor, more shields, more options for outfitting.

Oh and mkiv can explore, sure 25ly. Mkiii is a dedicated combat vessel, light maneuverable.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Elite Dangerous Store Page. I used coriolis. This is the first time I've made a ship for combat, and would love critiques and suggestions. Thank you to all who respond! Last edited by crotaslayer15 ; 4 Mar, am. Showing 1 - 15 of 36 comments. I did find a cripplying mistake in your build You used a Viper Mk IV.

Let's just say you're much better off with the Mk3. Also, thusters and sensors are kind of a priority in a combat ship, you'll need those A-rated. Originally posted by crotaslayer15 :.

Thank you, internet stranger! Since this conversation is already going, I thought it might be an opportune time to ask about this. Thank you! May as well be able to steal my dad's diamonds while i'm on a bounty run. Ildryn View Profile View Posts. DO you have Mil to blow on your first time combat ship? Why are you picking the Viper IV? If you want something fast and fun and small do the VIper, something smaller go with the Vulture and have that foreveror just build your Krait MK2 which is IMO the best combat ship period.

Do you not have engineering? Will your friend have engineering? Because engineering changes everything. If you are new I would use a combination of beam lasers efficient engineering to not overheat to bring down shields, and then multicannons one with corrosive, all with overpowered to bring down hull.

The Cobra MKIV was born for mining in Chapter 4

And use gimballed, that way they will actually hit your target. I am elite combat and still use gimballed 5 you wont be able to use a shield cell bank unless, 1 you've engineered it specialized to not heat up or 2 use a heat sink.

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Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.September The thargoids aren't going anywhere, but they'll probably kneecap passenger missions the moment business opens on Monday to protect their credit grind. I already have an Anaconda.

I don't even need all this dosh. Yeah I'd get in on this this weekend if you want to take advantage of it. Genji-Gloves Registered User regular. Yeah thargoids are doing their thing, I've done some work with the CGs this week and right now unless we you have a wing it's hard to take a cyclops down solo.

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If you are going to Rhea fill your holds with as many passengers missions rather than take 1 particular person as they can be stacked into the bays and you will make more bang for your buck. Ridiculous money, fed and trade rank will go up as well. All these Adders and stuff intent to interdict my Anaconda on these missions. September edited September Genji-Gloves on September I've never flown a ship the size of the Anaconda before and I keep ramming parts of my ship into the mailslot.

It's just an optical trick of the cockpit placement. You have plenty of room, you just need to dock so that it looks like you're gonna bump your head. Yeah there's more underside to the Anaconda.

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Line up the mailslot so that you are more flush with the top of it. If you hit it dead center you'll boing right off. Axen My avatar is Excalibur. Yes, the sword. Registered User regular. October I've made a tidy sum of money thanks to. A Capellan's favorite sheath for any blade is your back. Derrick Registered User regular. I stopped by for a little while.

Certainly was entertaining, but not super lucrative. I've never been there before, so I didn't have the rep to really get much done. I did see a lot of stations killing people. Pretty sad showing on that last, though.

I beat several interdictions with my Orca. Oh, and tons of people bumping into each other inside the station. Also, that's the first time a space station not an outpost, a station denied my docking request because they were full. Safe to say it's a goldrush.

Ship build

People do Space Truckin' in Open? That's a bold choice. October edited October Axen on October HIP is another passenger mission deal to.Cmdr Sirius T. After delivering landmines, I realized my Cobra would not make the cut if I wanted to keep trading materials. So I made my largest investment yet: a dedicated mass-cargo transporter! Costing me approximately 20 million credits and having a 1. Read more I had my. My Viper is wonderful.

Alas, all good things have there downsides. In this case, I had weak shields, low mass lock factor, and very low DPS; the second reason being one of the biggest downsides. So, I set out on my quest to build a better combat My Viper dropped into the nav beacon after the short supercruise from Garay Terminal.

I started scanning, and found nothing. Not a single wanted ship. I turned around, and began to wait. I quickly found a ship to fight.

I won, I boarded my Viper Mk4, powered on my primary systems, and got ready to launch. The engines fired up and I flew away from the pad, leaving Garay Terminal in my engine exhaust. I set my course for the Deciat nav beacon, charged my Frame-Shift Drive, and headed over.

I quickly started finding ships with I flew my Viper around the Nav Beacon, scanning every ship I saw. Deciat has never had many wanted commanders, so it was quite a boring session.

I finally found a wanted commander: a Sidewinder! Boy was I wrong. I missed the critical detail that Registered ship name Saw-Scaled Viper.What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register. Search titles only. Word Count:. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Cmdr Black Jaguar. Stand by for a plethora of build comments! There are far more qualified Cmdrs to talk about weapons, and it's really a personal style preference after a fashion, but if you're not planning to hang around near systems with stations you might consider a fuel scoop at some point just because. You might also consider a kill warrant scanner for bounties, etc.

It's worthwhile to play around in the Shipyard with seeing how different hardpoint layouts affect your offence metrics. Having big weapons especially lasers won't help much if your capacitors drain too quickly.

Engineering lasers for long range will help defeat the m damage falloff as well. A mix of energy and ballistic weapons is good at this ship size. Overcharged power plants have their place, as do dirty drag drives. You want maneuverability in normal space for sure! As for guardian stuff, the FSD booster is a real boon, as are the reinforcement modules. The biggest boosts to your success in combat will be getting really good at flying with Flight Assist off; if not all the time, at least knowing when to switch back and forth, and pip management during combat.

Having the capacitor propping up shields, weapons, or engines at the right times will be invaluable. Now I'll wait and see what the real combat experts here come up with.Deep Core Mining is explored in this tutorial.

This mining technique makes use of subsurface displacement missiles, a seismic charge launcher, the abrasion blaster and the pulse wave analyzer. Using a medium class ship, such as a Krait Mark II, you can earn over M credits per hour via engaging, skill-based gameplay.

My apologies, his original write up is located here. The staff is dedicated to gathering information from leading experts throughout the Elite Dangerous Galaxy, to coordinate and promote their knowledge and experience for fans of the game.

If you or your organization would like to participate in the creation and collection of knowledge-based content to assist the Elite Dangerous community, please contact Exigeous in the Level 11 Discord. All rights reserved. Call the FuelRats! In this tutorial we look at Deep Core Mining. This makes use of the subsurface displacement missile, the seismic charge launcher, abrasion blaster and pulse wave analyser.

Exigeous August 15, DisciplinesMining. Table of Contents.

viper mk iv mining build

Useful Links. You May Also Like. Engineering Series — Episode 4: Ordinance Experimentals. James Flint January 8, The Pilot December 7, The Krait Mk II. The Pilot December 6, Next The Sounds of Bodies Next. About ED Tutorials.What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register. Search titles only. Word Count:. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Thread starter TheSisko Start date Dec 12, This ship has gotten a lot of flack but she's the best small mining ship, and she's even better in Chapter 4.

Enough hard-points for all the mining equipment you need, plus with generous internals for limpet controllers, refinery and 48T of free space for cargo. Later on I was whizzing around a spinning asteroid to get at a surface deposit, thinking: a Glad I'm not trying this in a big ship and b This is fun! While Mining! In Elite Dangerous! What the heck, Frontier! Roll this game back to 3.

With almost 2M CR made doing some very causal mining within a Painite hotspot, I was more than able to cover the repair bill. I'll be back for more and my MKIV will be coming with me.

viper mk iv mining build

The rest of my mining fleet can stay home for the moment. Last edited: Dec 12, Now they just need to make it so for the masses. Stonn Mrogg. I'll be reconfiguring my AspX soon for the new mining mechanics but it does look like the Cobra Mk4 is the best small ship for it. My Cobra4 has been sitting in dock at Founders for a couple of weeks now just waiting for this. The Pulse Wave Analyzer's power requirements are too dern high!

What do you mean I can't have the biggest one!? This update just might have me firing up the old Mk IV. Do you have a recommended build? Without the guardian stuff please Ohhh Just reread the op. Only 48t. I'll need 50 to unlock Bill.

viper mk iv mining build

I guess the old gal stays in cold storage then. Let me know when it's better than a Python Mo Ronik. Let me express my feelings on not being able to purchase one Guardian Kaiser. I went out mining last night in my type 9 like I always used to and decided I would just figure it out on my own.